I hate snakes…so why did I go to a Rattlesnake museum?

There are a few things I detest. Bananas, stepping in dog poop and snakes. If I hate snakes that much, why on earth would I volunteer to go to a rattlesnake museum? I figured, hey, they are all behind glass cages, I can handle that. 

And, luckily, they were all in cages. I walked into the museum and at first thought, this is a small museum, can’t be too much here. But then I rounded the corner and there were rooms and rooms of snakes! I had NO idea that this many different varieties of rattlesnakes even existed. It was mind boggling to learn that this little Rattlesnake Museum located in the heart of Old Town in Albuquerque, hosts more different types of species than the Bronx Zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, the National Zoo, the Denver Zoo, the San Francisco Zoo and the San Diego Zoo, ALL COMBINED!

Two snakes (Two rattlesnakes curled up together…double the ‘Ew’ factor!)

Each cage provided a little piece of knowledge regarding that snake (i.e. where it can be located, temperature, misconceptions, etc.) and I walked out having learned a little bit about this fascinating, mysterious and misunderstood creature in the animal kingdom. Did you know they don’t have eyelids? They have a film that covers their eye when they sleep, but their eyes are always open!  And did you know that they have two sets of nostrils.  One is for breathing and the other is a heat sensor. This allows the snake to detect prey as it approaches, so the snake can remain camouflaged and frozen-still until it’s time to strike.

YELLOW SNAKE(Extremely pretty snake…as far as snakes go.)

Do I like snakes any better? No. But I was grateful for this adventure to explore a fear of mine and leave slightly fascinated. This museum is a great place to visit by yourself, with family & friends and with children. It’s cute, each person who visits the Rattlesnake Museum receives a Certificate of Bravery when they leave. This certificate states…”This prestigious document is awarded to ______ for showing little or no hesitation and willfully, or with slight encouragement by ‘friends’ or relatives, entering into the previously frightening and now truly fascinating realm of the rattlesnake.”

Up close snake(Close up rattlesnake)

They weren’t kidding, this was an exciting and educational experience. Note: If a rattlesnake is ‘rattling’ at you, it’s a warning. The snake is feeling threaded and it’s warning you to back off.  🙂

Snake Rattleing Tail (watch the movie)

white snake on black  (This snake really stood out again the all-black cage/background)

Horned snake(Look at his horns!!!)


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