Boston, you have my heart!

I recently had the privilege of visiting Boston, MA. This is a wonderful city! I went with an organization that I volunteer with and we had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We had a private tour of MIT and Google. My mind was blown away by all the genius in these two facilities.

MIT was seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. I was able to walk through 15 of the labs and hear from a current project workers on what they were working on. (i.e. a house size 3-D printer, newest innovations with prosthetic limbs, a lego display that represents cities and how to best make the most of the land, etc.) Being in the room with some of the smartest people in our nation was simply amazing.

Google was a similar experience. However, what i found impressive at Google was their lunchroom! They have a cafeteria for all employees, free of charge. There are numerous salad bars, a pizza making station, a burger/fish/meat cooking station where you choose your protein and a chef prepares it to your liking on sight, a sushi station, plus general stations like sandwich and soup, as well as a fresh squeezed juice bar. Food, particularly free food, is a perk for being a Google employee. And as I experienced, with my eyes (there was no way I could sample even a third of what the cafe offered that day), this is one of the best perks out there!Watch movie online Logan (2017)Watch movie online Get Out (2017)


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