A Rare Treasure…Hidden in Plain Sight

I was honored and humbled to visit one of New Mexico’s most precious locations…the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial.  Albuquerque has one of the most honoring local veteran memorials I have been too. This place is timeless. It is dedicated to all NM veterans and it is also intended to honor those yet to serve.

New Mexico’s history is filled with names of famous people and military events including: Cortez, Coronado, the Buffalo Soldiers, Kit Carson, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, “Pancho” Villa,  Navajo “Code Talkers”, Ernie Pyle and the atomic bomb. Talk about history!

New Mexico, proportionately, has the highest number of Medal of Honor recipients of any state. Per capita, more New Mexicans served in WWII than from any other state. Wow!

War on Terror

There are over 30 monuments and information kiosks amongst the 25 acres of memorial park. This Memorial provides a place for reflection and space for celebration of the servicemen and women who have, with honor and sacrifice, given their lives for our freedom in countless ways.

Vietnam 1

My dad fought in the Vietnam War and we are seeing the side effects of his service many years later. I know how much he, and so many others like him, have sacrificed for their country and my freedom. Walking these grounds and spending time at the Monuments, reflecting on our nation’s past, was a humbling experience and this place has a special spot in my heart. I am grateful to have had the privilege to get a guided tour of this Memorial to learn more in depth all the military service that has come from New Mexico.

Vietnam Memorial Tour Guide

Vietnam War Memorial and My Tour Guide

Thank you, dad, for fighting for my freedom. You are my hero!

My Dad, My Hero


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