Short and sweet…what does one do when they are bored in Albuquerque?  You go to Tinkertown!!! Set up in the hills of the Sandia Mountains, there lies a place of magic and wonder…it’s called Tinkertown. In the 1960’s, Ross Ward started a museum based off his hobby, wood carving.  He created elaborate handmade dioramas of Old West scenes & antique toys.  It’s taken him over 40 years to carve, collect and give us what is known today as the Tinkertown Museum (and it’s still a growing work of art, as new displays are still being created).

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Caving Tour: Puerto Rico

Have you ever done something that you look back on and are amazed you actually did it???  That’s exactly how I feel looking at my caving adventure that I did in Puerto Rico. This adventure was both exciting and challenging for me. In one day I did rappelling, climbing, swimming, via ferratas (Italian for “iron road”; a protected climbing route of cables, metal rebars and ladders), free-jumps, body rafting (in super tight caverns), and zip-lining. Talk about a crazy, awesome day!!!

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SUP Tour: Puerto Rico

What does a mermaid do when she is taken out of the water for long periods of time?  She dehydrates! That’s what has happened to me, living in a desert.  I love New Mexico, but there is just no water here and my inner mermaid seems to be slowly going away.  That’s why I have to have bi-yearly beach trips…to rehydrate. So, my trip to Puerto Rico was just that, a beach trip to rehydrate my inner mermaid (kinda funny but my travel friend this trip was Ariel, hahaha, like the litter mermaid.)

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Puerto Rico…you were amazing! (Part 1)

I just returned from a week vacation in Puerto Rico and, WOW…if you’ve never been to Puerto Rico you need to add this to your destination locations! I fell in love with this country from the moment the plane landed. The weather was hot, humid, and sunny and that was what I signed up for, a tropical vacation. I will be writing a few more posts about the specific adventures that I went on in the upcoming weeks but this is the snap shot of my trip and the details of Day 1:

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3 things I’ve learned from quitting corporate and going freelance!

I have been a freelancer for just over a year now.  And it’s the best thing that has happened to me.  I am the type of person who works best without someone looking over my shoulder, micro-managing me.  So, for me, freelance is my friend. If you’ve been considering going freelance I’ve learned a few things over this last year and wanted to share my top three “learning’s” with you.

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My day trip to the Very Large Array

I was extremely excited.  I couldn’t sleep the night before.  That happens to me often; excitement steals my precious shut eye. The night before any big event: vacation, Christmas Eve, etc. I lose what I value most…sleep. But it always works out because it means I have something exciting happening the next day. What kept me awake this time was my adventure to The Very Large Array. I had only seen these extremely ginormous satellite-type dishes in the movie Contact, with Jody Foster.

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Lions and Tigers and Hippos, Oh My!

As a member, I visit the zoo frequently. Albuquerque has a surprisingly wonderful zoo. The zoo houses peacocks that roam the grounds freely. The Albuquerque zoo is, currently, one of only two zoos in the US to have Tasmanian Devils! The flamingos are bright pink (not washed out like many I’ve seen at other zoos). And, a few of my favorite activities include the polar bear feeding and the seal/sea lion feeding.

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